Micro Batch Weighing Systems

microsystemAutomated micro batch weighing systems have become essential equipment for all batch processing facilities. The improvement in accuracy, speed, efficiency, error reduction, data logging, and government compliance have made these an important part of modern batching facilities.

Abel has been advancing the state-of-the-art in micro batch weighing systems for over 30 years. Many of the advanced features in weighing systems today were developed and introduced by Abel.

These include:

ABEL FIRST: Electric motor drive system using a PLC and a variable frequency drive to provide economical independent speed control of all feeders in a system.

ABEL FIRST: Optimized bin design with three vertical walls and 45 degree corners that provide excellent material flow characteristics.

ABEL FIRST: The first practical and commercially successful weight loss system that provided accurate inventory by weight capability, significantly faster batching speeds, complete material use data recording, reduced cross contamination, and many government compliance features.

ABEL FIRST: Development of a wide variety of options including dust collection, bar code controlled bin lid locking systems, high precision feeders, feeder discharge gates, a wide variety of bin and scale capacities, and many others.>

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